Halloween Movies for the Family

We are three days into October here in Ohio and it feels like it!  The mornings are brisk, the night arrives earlier, and pumpkins have rolled into the spotlight.    It’s also the kickoff of the holidays, starting with the most fun holiday: Halloween!  I love the excitement of costumes, candy, decor, and spooky movies!  Today I’ll share some of my favorite childhood spooky movies that are a little more family friendly.

Cover image for Casper

Casper is about a dad and daughter who are trying to build a new life after the passing of their wife/mother.    The dad is commissioned to help clear ghosts out of an estate and brings his daughter along for what turns about to be a big adventure.  It’s silly, irreverent, and charming.


Cover image for The Addams family
The Addams Family was originally a cartoon which first came to life in pages of The New Yorker in 1938.  The Addams Family portray a satirical representation of an affluent nuclear family. They have been depicted in many forms of media since their inception and continue to delight with their grotesque ways in this 1991 feature film.


Cover image for Hocus pocus
Hocus Pocus is a comedic spooky tale of a teenage virgin who inadvertently resurrects three witches in Salem, Massachusetts.  The star-studded cast, and hilarious whimsy help to explain why this has become a cult classic.

BONUS! Good news for Hocus Pocus fans, there is now a sequel book to indulge in after you watch the movie for the 300th time.

Cover image for Hocus pocus & the all-new sequel

Place these spooky tales on hold from your library today!


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