How To Host Your Own Audiobook Gathering

Book clubs are very popular, but have you ever considered changing it up with an audiobook?  Imagine a small gathering in your living room or back porch or patio, seated around your fireplace or firepit, with a refreshing beverage, listening to a narrator broadcast one of your favorite titles.  Read on for some suggested tips on how to host your first audiobook club.


  1. Pick a Book – Check out my previous post on  our Read and Weep Blog for suggestions.  Things you will find in a best narrated book are British people, comedians, fantasy series and author reading their own book.
  2. Broadcast your Book – Once you have chosen your title, you can play the CD on your portable CD player.  You can also download an audiobook from the Overdrive app and play it on numerous devices such as your Kindle, Nook, Ipad or any mobile device.  You can also plug in your media into an external speaker system via an auxiliary cable, to make for easier listening for a group.
  3. Organize and Schedule – Now gather your friends!  Keep in mind the length of your book.  Many titles are between 8- 12 hours of listening.  If there  is no reading in between dates, this could be a 8-12 week event.  However, you may want to suggest to your participants to read or listen to some chapters in between, and spend a little time in the beginning of your next audiobook club date getting everyone up to speed.  Also, consider rotating meetings between houses of club members.  Set a consistent schedule, complete with start and end times, so members have a day they can look forward to and an allotment of time they can commit to.
  4. Set the Spread – Need I say more!  Just make sure beverages and snacks are easily accessible for people to graze as necessary.
  5. Tune-in and Manage – I suggest listening for 1 hour before stopping the audiobook for the night( make note of your stopping point). You also may want to practice using the device of choice before playing, to avoid guests waiting while you fiddle around with play & volume.  After this, the listening portion will be over, but the party is just beginning.
  6. Have a Conversation – Over your spread of  goodies, talk about your favorite parts of the book thus far, what shocked or surprised you, or even what you think may happen next. Great books make for great conversation.

Storytime isn’t just for the kiddos. I think this can be a fun social gathering everyone can enjoy.

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