What we’re reading this month..

Gina:  In Mitch Albom’s Have a Little Faith, we follow the inspiring true story of the author’s encounter with two men of different faiths. The story begins with Albom being asked to deliver the eulogy of his former rabbi. Upon agreeing, Albom requests to get to know the man better, returning back to his hometown. On the other part of the story, Albom is connected with a Detroit pastor, a reformed drug dealer and convict that preaches his congregation in a crumbling church. Albom moves back and forth from the two worlds, sharing the differences and similarities of how the two men embrace and teach faith. The story also explores the modern issues of faith through both religions. The author fulfills the request, writes the eulogy and comes to better understanding of life.

Megan:   Leviathan Wakes by James S.A. Corey is the first book in The Expanse series and the source material for the Syfy Channel series of the same name. Humans have colonized the solar system from the Moon to Mars and the Asteroid Belt and beyond. Jim Holden is the XO of an ice miner that runs between the rings of Saturn and the Belt. When his ship picks up a distress signal, the rules of space travel dictate they investigate. What they find on the disabled Scopuli could push an already unstable solar system over the brink and into interplanetary war. Meanwhile, down-and-out Detective Miller is searching for the missing daughter of a billionaire. When his search leads him to the Scopuli, he and Holden realize this girl could hold the key to unraveling dangerous secrets.

Emma: The Other Einstein: A Novel by Marie Benedict.  Mileva Maric enrolled in the Swiss Federal Polytechnic in Zurich to study physics. She is the only woman in a class of five men that includes Albert Einstein. Albert pays lots of attention to Mileva inserting himself in her life at home, with her friends, and at the university. Mileva goes back home where their baby, Lieserl, is born. Albert misses Mileva terribly and convinces her to come back to Switzerland without their daughter. Lieserl eventually succumbs to scarlet fever. Albert and Mileva finally wed, and Mileva collaborates with her husband on several articles and theories. Albert always takes credit for any success leaving his wife behind. Mileva sacrificed her genius to follow the social norms of the day, and Albert took advantage of her. The novel paints an unfavorable picture of Albert Einstein.
Sara: In The Golden Hour by T. Greenwich, thirteen-year-old Wyn Davies took a shortcut through the woods and was brutally attacked.  She never could remember what happened that day, but her attacker confessed and was sentenced to prison.  Twenty years later, her attacker is up for parole and she may be asked to testify.  Terrified, Wyn runs to Maine with her young daughter to be the caretaker of her friend’s dilapidated farm house.  Not only is she trying to escape from testifying, she is running from her struggling marriage and her failed art career. Once settled in the rundown old house, she discovers a box of undeveloped photographs which tell the story of a young woman and her daughter who lived in the house many years ago.  As she tries to unravel the mystery of what happened to the mother and her child, she also begins to confront the mystery of what happened to her 20 years ago and what lies have been told.
Steve: The Armchair Birder : Discovering the Secret Lives of Familiar Birds by John Yow is another diamond in the rough. Yow gives you a humorous, quick glimpse of the habits of 40 of the most common backyard birds. This is not a bird identification book, rather a look into the lives of these little creatures.

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