Viktor Schreckengost

Is the name Viktor Schreckengost familiar to you? It should be!  Schreckengost (1906-2008) was one of Cleveland’s most prized artists and industrial designers and his work is still celebrated all over the world.  Cowan Pottery Museum at Rocky River Public Library is home to a number of works by Viktor Schreckengost, including his most famous ceramic work, the Jazz Bowl from 1931.  It’s arguably one of the most important examples of American art pottery ever (for sure, if you ask me).

25.)Schreckengost-Jazz Bowl 3

There have been a lot of Schreckengost items in the local news lately.  A couple of his works are being restored and reinstalled in Cleveland institutions (hooray!) and now that the dream of a Schreckengost museum has been abandoned, a huge collection of work that was in the possession of his family is being auctioned off as well as donated to a few local museums (bittersweet!).


Here are some links to catch up on your Viktor-buzz…have a look and you will be sure to wow friends at your next cocktail party!

Schreckengost’s pachyderms at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History

City of Cleveland restoring Schreckengost’s “Time & Space”

Schreckengost heirs drop museum idea and plan to auction and donate artworks, designs

NYT- A Designer’s Sale of Memorabilia


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