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As I find my stride in this motherhood role my respect for all mothers who have come before me grows immensely.  Raising  a baby is hard, and from what I’ve been told by others, I have a really calm, happy baby.  I mean, I can tell that my daughter is calm and happy, but I just assumed all babies were this pleasant.  Anyhow, she’s going through some developmental milestones that are putting a strain on both of our sleep schedules.

One thing that brings calm to our days is reading.  Eliza is still young enough that she doesn’t comprehend my words, but likes hearing my voice.  I find myself reading aloud to her whatever book I’m reading at the time (it’s really the only way I’ve managed to get any personal reading in since she was born).  And don’t freak out about content because if  I come across a particularly inappropriate paragraph, I generally will stop reading aloud through that portion of the text.  By reading to her, I’m hoping to accomplish many goals as she grows up.

  1. Develop strong verbal and language skills
  2. Appreciate stories
  3. Love books
  4. Calm her mind and her body

I know these late night and early morning reading sessions won’t be something she will recall, but they very well might be some of my favorite memories of reading.  I cherish every minute I get with my little lady, even the long nights.


Check out what we have been reading recently.

after you



Happy reading!







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