Latest Additions

Hey there! I’m back (briefly) to share titles that have been recently added to The Reading Room! Whenever I hear about the books my co-workers are reading I think -ooo, that sounds so good! and -I want to read that book! Maybe that’s why “So many books, so little time” is a favorite phrase on so many mugs, t-shirts, and bags, sold to avid readers… right? But the leaves are starting to turn such beautiful colors, and the weather changes so fast around here, I’m still trying to get outside to enjoy Fall! My mini-compromise? I’m listening to more audio books -ta dah! Do you want to add to your growing TBR pile -like I’m about to? I knew it! How handy I’m about to share a few of the newest reviews you can find in the Latest Additions section of The Reading Room:

night sister
Place a Hold
The Night Sister by Jennifer McMahon
lord of the wings
Place a Hold
Lord of the Wings by Donna Andrews

it's a wonderful death
Place a Hold
It’s a Wonderful Death by Sarah J. Schmitt
coming of age at the end of days
Place a Hold
Coming of Age at the End of Days by Alice LaPlante
book of speculation
Place a Hold
The Book of Speculation by Erika Swyler

If you want to hear about *even more!* books that might be worth some space on your ever increasing stack -You should plan to come to our new program Your Book, Your Brew on Friday, October 23rd at Tommy’s Place on Linda Street! Dori and I will be there by 5:00pm, but you can drop in at any time! Check out our Calendar of Events for more details.


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