Latest Additions

Is it clambake season in Cleveland yet?  Practically!  If you’ve never participated in a clambake, this is the year to change that!  Clambakes are generally held outside at the end of summer into early fall.  They are usually family/friend gatherings where the hosts prepare clams, chicken, and corn on the cob and serve it up along side dinner rolls and coleslaw and warm melted butter.  Friends, AWESOME FOOD, and cooler weather,  what’s not to love?  I can’t get enough of clambakes, so if you have a spare seat at your picnic table, let me know!

Looking for some books to talk about while you are visiting with friends and family at the clambake?  Check out some of our latest additions for inspiration.

anna's crossing
Anna’s Crossing by Suzanne Woods Fisher
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God in Ruins
A God in Ruins by Kate Atkinson
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child of grace
Child of Grace by Lori Copeland
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Endangered by C. J. Box
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The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah
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Happy reading!

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