That Girl!

Trainboston clever forever girl funny moonlight     in silknext doorluckiestgone girl

That “Girl” is incredibly popular. Check out these girls.

The Girl on the Train– Paula Hawkins

The girl sees odd things while commuting on the train

The Boston Girl– Anita Diamant

A turn of the century girl (born in 1900) growing up in Boston

Clever Girl– Tessa Hadley

The girl, born in the mid-1950’s, comes of age in Britain

The Forever Girl– Alexander McCall Smith

The girl follows her longtime love from Scotland to Sydney and to Singapore

Funny Girl– Nick Hornby

The adventures of an intrepid young girl in 1960’s London

Girl in the Moonlight- Charles Dubow

The girl is of shimmering, incandescent beauty with a wild, irrepressible spirit and is the object of his obsession.

The Girl Who Wrote in Silk– Kelli Estes

A modern girl discovers secrets left by a young Chinese girl a century before

The Girl Next Door– Ruth Rendell

Does the girl next door know more about the past than she realizes?

Luckiest Girl Alive– Jessica Knoll

Will the girl’s perfect life unravel when the past catches up to her?

Gone Girl–  Gillian Flynn

The girl that started the “Girl” craze!


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