Latest Additions

I hope you had a lovely Fourth of July weekend!  Welcome back to reality!  After a weekend of stuffing ourselves full of grilled meats and catching up with friends and family, sometimes it’s nice to get back to business as usual. As I get older, the more I recognize that I like routine, almost as much as my dog does.  I find it relaxing in an otherwise chaotic world.  I also like breaking my routine on occasion.  Running off on spontaneous adventures, randomly changing plans, going to the grocery store on a Tuesday morning instead of a Sunday.  You know, crazy stuff. But at the end of the day, one thing that almost never changes is my nighttime routine, which usually includes falling asleep after a few chapters, or pages (depending on how tired I am) of my current read.

Are you looking for some suggestions for your next nighttime read?  Check out some of our most recent additions to the Reading Room.

A Catered Mother’s Day: A Mystery with Recipes by Isis Crawford
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Alex and Ada
Alex + Ada, Volume 1 by Sarah Vaughn
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love may fail
Love May Fail by Matthew Quick
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Positive by David Wellington
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Red notebook
The Red Notebook by Antoine Laurain
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Happy reading!

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