The Perks of Ohio Libraries

We’ve got it good here in Ohio.  The more immersed I become in the library world, the more I realize how little the citizens of Ohio realize just how good we have it when it comes to our libraries.  Did you know as a resident of Ohio you can get a library card at ANY Ohio public library?  It’s true.

I’m so used to the accessibility of Ohio libraries that I didn’t really think about how libraries work in other states. Some of my cousins moved out west and when they were back in Cleveland for a visit last year one of the ongoing topics of conversation was how much they missed the libraries in Ohio.  Not only are the collections of Ohio libraries above and beyond those of their small municipal libraries in Utah, but they are also restricted to only using their local library.

I urge all residents of Ohio to start using your libraries.  Yes, that means any public library you are within range of!  Heck, even if you’re just passing through a city or town, stop in and sign up for a library card.  Just about all Ohio libraries have digital collections that are easily accessed with just your library card number.  I personally collect library cards from around the state.  I’ve found this beneficial when I’m trying to get my hands on an ebook or digital audiobook that is in high demand.  I can see what libraries own it, and request it from any system I have a card for.  Then voila! The title is usually downloaded to my OverDrive bookshelf within a few minutes, even if it was unavailable from my local library.

What does it take for residents of Ohio to sign up for library cards at Ohio public libraries?  Generally, a government issued photo ID, and two other forms of proof of address.  Pieces of mail like utilities bills will work just fine. I keep a few pieces of mail buried in my wallet just in case the opportunity to acquire a new library card presents itself.

If you live in Ohio  now is the time to start exploring the public libraries in your area and the awesome collections and programs that they offer!


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