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It’s sometimes said that there are two seasons in Ohio — winter and construction season.  Construction isn’t always reserved just for rebuilding/ repaving our roads, sometimes our websites have to have a little constructive maintenance done to them as well.  That was the case for our Reading Room the last five days or so.  We had to do some technical things to the hosting servers or whatnot, making it inaccessible for our staff to add any new additions.  OH NO!

We will have to wait until next Monday to hear about what has been recently added to the Reading Room.  In the meantime, let’s talk about something more exciting.

Let’s talk about RRPL Summer Reading!

Escape the Ordinary_J copy

Our summer reading program starts in ONE WEEK!  Yes, that’s right!  Starting next Monday, you can sign up in person or online to participate in our teen and adult summer reading programs. The Adult theme is ‘Escape the Ordinary’, but all that means is that we might gently suggest you try reading something you wouldn’t normally read, but you don’t have to. You can read whatever you want!  If you have children in sixth grade or under, you can take them to our Children’s department to participate in that summer reading program.

Here’s how our Adult and Teen summer reading program works:

  1. Sign up in person or online.
  2. Read a book.
  3. Submit a book entry form (in person or online) for every title read June 8 – August 1.
  4. Potentially win weekly prize basket and get entered to win the grand prize basket.
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 through August 1.

That’s it!  I’ve been working hard on prize baskets full of goodies, including awesome books.  The baskets range from spa themed to outdoors themed, and plenty of fun in between.  The grand prize basket has the local theme of Rocky River and is overflowing with goodies from businesses around the community, including lots of gift cards!  In addition to my weekly latest additions post, you’ll be able to find pictures of the weekly prize baskets here and on our Facebook page starting next Monday.

Are you still looking for some reading suggestions this week?  Well, here are some of the books I plan on reading this summer.

go set a watchman


I can’t guarantee these will actually be the books I read, but as of right now, they are what I plan on reading.  I’m sure there will be others that find their way into my life, that’s just how it goes.

Happy reading!


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