Latest Additions

I like books, and I like bars (though I’m not partaking in adult beverages these days because I’m pregnant).  You know what would be cool?  Talking about books in bars!  This last Friday I had the opportunity to do just that with a few of my coworkers.  We had a few birthdays to celebrate, and as a bunch of librarians, it’s only natural that our conversation gravitated to what we were reading.  Though the atmosphere was very loud, it was easy for us to all be engaged in a conversation about what we were currently reading.   One of the neatest things for me was how broad our reading tastes spanned.  Some of us were reading nonfiction, some were reading classics, and some were reading contemporary fiction. None of us were reading the same book, or even the same author.   And as we wrap up our current reads, you’ll be able to fine them featured in the weekly latest additions post.  So, let’s see what we have already finished and recently added to the Reading Room.

second deadly sin
The Second Deadly Sin by Asa Larsson
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we are not ourselves
We are Not Ourselves by Matthew Thomas
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where all the light tends to go
Where All Light Tends to Go by David Joy
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god help the child
God Help the Child by Toni Morrison
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hush hush
Hush Hush: A Tess Monaghan Novel by Laura Lippman
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That’s what we have for our most recent additions to the Reading Room. Stay tuned over the next few weeks to see what books we were talking about at the bar.

Happy reading!


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