News from the Reading World

If you are both a literature and information junkie like me, there’s a new website on the block called Literary Hub. Culling through everything literature related on the web, it selects the best and brightest and offers it up for browsing or some in-depth exploration. It focuses on literary fiction and nonfiction, contains essays, interviews, news, book excerpts and even commissions original works. I know I’ll be getting lost in its pages.

parisspeculationThe Library Reads selections for June are out, so if you want to get a jump on the books Librarians are looking forward to, check it out. I have The Little Paris Bookshop and The Book of Speculation on my nightstand (maybe because both are about books, reading and there’s even a Librarian? Maybe…but no judgement please!)

The Indie Next List of books recommended by Independent Bookstores is another good place to find your next read. I’ve read The Luckiest Girl Alive, a twisty tale with a fierce protagonist who’s tragic past is slowly fire uncovered, and my colleagues are raving about Lisa Lutz’s new, and different for her, book How to Start a Fire.  The Given World, Girl at War and The Book of Aron, beautifully written novels about war and its devastating effects, may appeal to readers of All the Light We Cannot See and The Constellation of Vital Phenomena. I’d also like to read Irish author Anne Enright ‘s new book and I’ve heard great things about The Church of Marvels. Where to start?

Get thee reading – and if you need more suggestions, call us – we’re fellow book lovers who are here to help.

~ Dori

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