Road trip!

I had a chance to take a mini-getaway to the Windy City this past weekend. Chicago is one of my favorite places to visit!  When I’m on vacation my top priorities usually center on what museums I am going to visit and what I am going to eat—and this trip was no exception.  I got a chance to see a really spectacular retrospective of early 20th Century American painter Archibald Motley at the Chicago Cultural Center and then tackled the Art Institute to visit some old favorites.  Did you know: the Art Institute of Chicago is home to one of Viktor Schreckengost’s iconic Jazz Bowls?  Indeed, the pride of our own Cowan Pottery Museum has a cousin in Chicago.  Of course I took a photo.  People probably wondered why I was so drawn to a funky blue punch bowl while surrounded by some of the most famous paintings in the history of American art, but I didn’t mind (I did the same thing last September at the Smithsonian!).jazz bowl

There was plenty of great food and drink (I ate TWO cheeseburgers at two separate restaurants) and lots of walking around the city which offered us some pretty perfect sunny weather.  I even stopped in the Chicago Public Library!  I’d never been inside what is a really gorgeous building (inside and out) right downtown.  The best part was the “Winter Garden” up on the very top floor with its spectacular atrium.  (Also tried to get a library card, totally denied…boo…)

chicago library


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