A Day at the Movies


It’s that time again – time to check out only a couple of intriguing looking films or become a movie zombie at The Cleveland International Film Festival. The festival begins on March 18th with an opening film and continues until Sunday, March 29th with a closing. There’s a huge slate of films, so there should be something for everybody. I have only just nicked the surface of their extensive catalog, but already have found far too many that I’d like to see, including Slow West with Michael Fassbender (didn’t I just mention him a couple of posts ago?) and a couple of Peruvian films (my better half is from Peru). I’d also like to see one of the Shorts selections – I went to one last year and really enjoyed the variety offered. So, after you’ve recovered from the St. Patty’s Day parade, get thee to Tower City!

DVD Releases 3-10-15:

Nightcrawler – DVD & Blu-Ray
Rosewater – DVD & Blu-Ray
Kill the Messenger – DVD & Blu-Ray
Night at the Museum, Secret of the Tomb
DVD & Blu-Ray
Listen Up Philip – DVD
Pioneer – DVD & Blu-Ray
Remote Area Medical – DVD
Turn: Washington’s Spies, Season 1  – DVD
Happy Watching!
~ Dori

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