Latest Additions

HOORAY!  The sun is out! The snow is melting!  HOORAY!  We’ve been lucky enough to have multiple beautiful days in the Cleveland area and that’s cause for a celebration!  I’m all about celebrating the small things, along with the big events in life.  Frankly, seeing the sun regularly and watching the snow melt seems like a huge event!    One of my favorite ways to celebrate is by slowing down and taking it easy, possibly while indulging in a cheese platter.  I highly recommend it. Nice work, fellow Ohioans, you’ve survived another brutal winter.   Now let’s all enjoy the coming rainy season with some good books,  and if you’re interested, maybe some cheese.  Here are some of the latest additions to the Reading Room:

The farm

The Farm by Tom Rob Smith
Place hold


Firefight by Brandon Sanderson
Place hold

geek girl
Geek Girl by Holly Smale
Place hold

heroes are my weakness
Heroes Are My Weakness by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Place hold

House broken
House Broken by Sonja Ingrid Yoerg
Place hold

Happy reading!


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