Latest Additions

Oh, did you watch the Oscars last night?  What was your favorite part?  Full disclosure, I did not watch the Oscars last night.   I had a busy day hosting my brother’s birthday dinner and by 8:00 p.m. I was in bed, cuddled up with a book.  Lights out by 9:00 p.m..    I did, however, see highlights from the the Academy Awards as I scanned through social media this morning.    Thanks to the wonderful powers of the internet, I got to see some highlights including Lady Gaga’s tribute performance of “The Hills Are Alive” and the powerful speech by Patricia Arquette.  If you also opted for reading instead of watching, and are now in need of another book to read, check out some of our latest additions to the Reading Room.

miss buncle's book

Miss Buncle’s Book by D. E. Stevenson


River by Beverly Lewis

dress shop of dreams
The Dress Shop of Dreams by Menna Van Praag

Girl on the train

The Girl on The Train by Paula Hawkins

Rosie Effect

The Rosie Effect by Graeme Simsion

Though all of the listed titles merit your consideration as  possible contenders for future reading, The Girl on the Train and The Rosie Effect are most certainly getting a lot of buzz these days.  In fact,  I wouldn’t be surprised to see them on a few award lists.  Maybe this time next year we will be talking about the movie versions being nominated for…dare I say it…Academy Awards?!  PURELY FLIMSY SPECULATION!  I truly know nothing about the movie rights to these titles.  *pinky swear*

Happy reading!


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