A Day at the Movies

imagesDid you know that you can sign up for a newsletter than will deliver a list of all the latest DVDs and Blu-Rays available at RRPL directly to your inbox every month? It’s called The Screen Scene and it’s as easy as adding your e-mail address and clicking on your requests: dscreen sceneo you want to know about Feature Films, Foreign and Indie Films, Documentaries, TV Series or Blu-Ray Releases? Sign up and get ready to be in touch with what’s hip, hot and new!

DVD Releases 1-27-15:

The Judge- DVD & Blu-Ray
Fury – DVD & Blu-Ray
The Book of Life – DVD & Blu-Ray
Before I Go To Sleep – DVD & Blu-Ray
The Remaining – DVD
Miss Meadows – DVD
Why Don’t You Play in Hell ? – DVD 
The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness  – DVD
Downton Abbey, Season 5 – DVD & Blu-Ray
Art & Craft – DVD
Happy Watching!
~ Dori


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