A Day at the Movies

imagesrareShould we talk Holiday movies this week? Any weird obscure ones or not so popular titles that you can recommend? One of our favorite family movies is Scrooge, a musical Christmas Carol rendition with Albert Finney – we’ve been watching that for ages – the music is great and Finney makes an amazing Scrooge. I do like the foreign film Joyeaux Noel, about the temporary Christmas truce during World War I. Another favorite is A Christmas Tale, a French movie about a troubled family, that takes place at Christmas time and stars the beautiful and imposing Catherine Deneuve. But most unusual of all is Rare Exports, a Finnish movie about the traditional Finnish practice of capturing and taming wild Santa Clauses – these are some bloodthirsty elves! It’s funny and harrowing at the same time. Makes me thankful for our jolly, harmless American Santa.

DVD Releases 12-16-14:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles- DVD & Blu-Ray
The Maze Runner – DVD & Blu-Ray
This is Where I Leave You – DVD & Blu-Ray
Magic in the Moonlight – DVD & Blu-Ray
Stonhearst Asylum – DVD & Blu-Ray
Peter Pan Live – DVD
Altina – DVD
Emperor’s Ghost Army – DVD
Arrested Development, Season 4 – DVD
Extant, the First Season  – DVD & Blu-Ray
The Americans, Season 2 – DVD
Sacred Journeys with Bruce Feiler – Blu-Ray
Happy Watching!
~ Dori


One thought on “A Day at the Movies

  1. Invisible Mikey December 16, 2014 / 7:13 pm

    as far as my taste for the bizarre goes, there’s nothing weirder than the 1959 Mexican movie “Santa Claus” in which Santa (whose workshop is in outer space) must defeat demons from hell to retain the soul of a little girl named Lupita.

    Running a close second is “Santa Claus Conquers the Martians”. I don’t know where this mashup genre of Christmas/Sci-fi movies came from! I guess everything had to reference the Space Race.

    My favorite two of the gazillion versions of Christmas Carol will always be the 1951 Scrooge (with Alistair Sim), and the reverse-plot version we call “It’s a Wonderful Life”, where Bob Cratchit (George Bailey) is the one who needs saving, while Scrooge (Mr. Potter) remains unrepentant and unscathed.

    Two other old classics we never miss. There’s a rarely-seen little gem called Come to the Stable, about nuns walking to find a new home for their order. Our overall favorite Christmas movie (best cast, best music, best cinematography, best screenplay) is The Bishop’s Wife from 1947. Cary Grant, Loretta Young, the guy who shot Citizen Kane as director of photography, written by major playwright Robert Sherwood and an uncredited Billy Wilder. A delight all round.

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