Zoo babies!

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is one of my favorite places to visit! I’m lucky to have a pass, so limited time and inclement weather are never an excuse not to stop in and spend a little time with the animals. I’d been meaning to get to the zoo for the past couple of weeks and I finally made it this past Saturday to see one very special new addition, the baby orangutan.

Baby girl Merah (which means “red” in Bornean) was born to first-time mother Kera Wak on October 5 but only went on view to the public on November 6, after time in seclusion with her mother. Mommy was proudly cradling baby in their habitat in the Zoo’s rainforest. At one point she stretched out on her back and pulled the baby up under her chin for a snuggle. They were a bit difficult to see, but every once in a while the Merah’s head would pop up and look down at us—too cute for words!

The Zoo has actually had a lot of babies born this year—two Francois monkeys, a Howler monkey, an endangered lemur, two giraffes, and two meerkats! Will you be braving the colder weather to get an up-close look at these adorable little ones?


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