Latest Additions

Well, that was a pretty big weekend we just had there -didn’t we? First there was all that Trick or Treating going on and then we had the ever exciting, ever confusing start of Daylight Saving Time! Or maybe it was just one big event -eating lots of smaller sized candy treats over two days *plus* a bonus hour of snacking! Either way, it’s hard to imagine not having a fond memory or two of the last 49 hours… If you’ve managed not to consume all the leftover candy, you might want to try one of these 50(!) possible dessert recipes offered up in the Huffington Post. Yes, taste testers *are* available at the library -thank you for asking! While we wait for the baked goods to arrive, why don’t I share some of the most recent titles my co-workers have added to The Reading Room?

The Word Exchange by Alena Graedon
Making Marion by Beth Moran
Firebug by Lish McBride
Sargent Stubby by Ann Bausum
Death of a Dog Whisperer by Laurien Berenson

Good books? + Good snacks? = Great week! Enjoy!

— Stacey

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