A Day at the Movies

imagesHark – Halloween beckons! I’m a big fan of Halloween – not so much the violent horror aspect, but more in the traditional Celtic sense of All Hallow’s Eve and the Mexican Day of the Dead – ending the harvest and ushering in the darkness of winter; lighting a bonfire to ward off the spooky spirits while welcoming the souls of our dear ones who have passed away with a food and feasts. I like how it fits with the movement of the earth –  it falls between the Autumn Equinox and the Winter Solstice – and also being part of a ritual that’s been going on for centuries.

Which brings me to the fact that some folks like to celebrate Halloween by watching a frightening film – and there are tons here at the library. Just search under the subject term Horror films to find classics like The Blob,  to funny gems like Slither,  to movies that’ll scare the pants off you, like The Omen. Me, I’ll just stick to the bonfire, the feast, and, of course, a little candy!

MOVIE VIEWING: Friday, October 31st, at Lunch and a Movie, we won’t be showing a Halloween movie, but one called The Grand Seduction. It’s about a town in Newfoundland that needs a doctor in order to attract an oil company that will create jobs on the island. They lure a doctor to town and try to make him stay in all sorts of silly ways. It promises to be funny and sweet. See you in the Auditorium at 12 noon sharp!

MOVIE REVIEW: Well, I finally got to watch Snowpiercer – and I think I need to watch it again. Pros: it was a feast, visually, and had you thinking the whole time –  plus, there was some great and bizarre acting – Tilda Swinton was a riot – and a completely un-Hollywood ending.  Cons: the social message was a little obvious and it was oh so violent, but I guess that’s what would happen if the majority staged a revolution against the 1%. If you watch it, let me know what you think.

DVD Releases 10-28-14

Deliver Us From Evil – DVD & Blu-Ray
Begin Again – DVD & Blu-Ray
Chef – DVD & Blu-Ray
America: Imagine a World Without Her – DVD
How We Got to Now with Steven Johnson – DVD

Happy Watching!

~ Dori

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