How I Survived a Murder Mystery Party and Lived to Tell!

True confession time: I’m not the biggest fan of Halloween! In truth, though, I don’t mind the holiday itself. I like candy. I think it’s cute when babies and little kids get dressed up in their costumes and parade down the streets. What I don’t like is being frightened, dressing up in a scary costume, or trying to scare other people. Maybe I was traumatized by my older siblings as a child, but whatever the case, I’m usually the one at home, not wearing a costume, and passing out candy.

For years, my best friend has hosted a pajama-themed Halloween party, specifically because of my dislike of the scary costume tradition. Really, she’s been the best to do this, but over the last few years, I’ve felt a bit guilty about forcing the direction of her annual event.

This year, she did something a bit different. She hosted a Murder Mystery Party!  She bought a script and party plan from  and decorated her living room like a speakeasy.

The party’s theme was “A Flapper Murder Mystery at an 1920s Speakeasy.” We all had prearranged characters and a script of information to share or hide (and reveal only when directly questioned). We dressed in characters as flappers, coppers, speak easy owners and gangsters…and we had to figure out who done it? Who killed Fanny Birchwood?

A Flapper's Life

Ultimately, I didn’t commit the crime, but I sure had a ball! And it was a great opportunity for friends who have known one another for years to break out of the mold and have something else to talk about!

So, if you are looking for an alternative to the usual fright fest for your Halloween soiree (or any party for that matter), try your hand at hosting a murder mystery party! It’s a whole different kind of scream!

Have a Happy Halloween!


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