A Day at the Movies

imagesOh yes, I am a wee bit behind on the movie blogging, but I’m here to play a little catch up! See below for new DVD releases.

MOVIE REVIEW: The Invisible Woman didn’t get a lot of notice and came and quickly disappeared from local theaters, but it deserved more attention. Directed by Ralph Fiennes, he also stars as the writer Charles Dickens, though the movie is really from the perspective of a young woman who had an affair with Dickens, the then father of 10 children. The young woman, Nell, is from a family of actresses and she hopes to enter the profession; they meet at a practice for a play and become enthralled with one another. Their age differences and the conventions of the time lead to a secret, passionate relationship. It’s a beautifully acted, subtle film, with insight into women’s roles in Victorian society and the allure of Dickens, a man of energy, intelligence and wit. A most worthwhile checkout.

MOVIE SHOWING: On Monday, August 11, we’ll be showing Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow as part of the Indie Int’l Film willSeries.  6:30 p.m., Auditorium.

The Single Moms ClubDVD and Blu-Ray
Cesar ChavezDVD and Blu-Ray
Heaven is for RealDVD and Blu-Ray
TranscendenceDVD and Blu-Ray
NoahDVD and Blu-Ray
The Other Woman DVD and Blu-Ray
Need for Speed DVD and Blu-Ray
DivergentDVD and Blu-Ray
Bad Words DVD and Blu-Ray
OculusDVD and Blu-Ray
Finding Vivan Maier DVD
Blue Ruin DVD
All Cheerleaders Die DVD
It Felt LIke Love DVD
Cuban Fury DVD
This Ain’t CaliforniaDVD
The Amazing Catfish DVD
On My WayDVD
The Trip to Bountiful – DVD
Ping Pong Summer DVD
Bicycling with Moliere DVD
Next Goal Wins DVD
United States of SecretsDVD
Secret State DVD
12 O’clock Boys DVD
More Than the Rainbow DVD
Last Tango in Halifax, Season 2 DVD
Californication, the Final Season DVD
Community, Season 5 DVD

Happy Watching!

~ Dori

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