Latest Additions

You know how they rush the holidays along anymore? I think there’s a new, and even less likable, trend -focusing on the upcoming season before you settle into the current season! For example: the Summer season started a whole two weeks ago and there are already advertisements encouraging us to get ready for Fall! Let’s all band together and say, “Pfft! It’s Summertime!” One sure fire way to celebrate summer? Join the Adult Summer Reading Program!! What a great way to embrace the season *and* -even better?- potentially win a basket full of great stuff! Do you want to see this week’s special treat?week four -action & adventure!This basket is packed with all kinds of dangerously fun action and adventure items! (As dangerous as a Library can be possibly be seen as endorsing…) Way in the back is a fast-moving Frisbee, a book to guide your adventures through the world of craft beers, a different book detailing Theodore Roosevelt’s epic journey down the Amazon River, a few tasty treats to keep your energy up as you explore this basket, and some very important Band-Aids -just in case you get a paper cut from turning those pages too quickly!

Looking for a book or two to put on those entry slips? How about:
Here Comes Mrs Kugleman by Minka Pradelski
A Paris Apartment by Michelle Gable
Tempting Fate by Jane Green
Red Rising by Pierce Brown
From the Kitchen of Half Truth by Maria Goodin

Not a shabby way to start a new week, right?! Enjoy!

— Stacey

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