Tuesday at the Movies

imagesI think it’s going to be the summer of the series for me – I know I should be outside digging in the dirt, laying on a beach or just enjoying the sunshine, but I have a need to do some binge watching. Right now we’re watching Broadchurch, the British mystery series that got such good reviews and so far, it’s living up to them, with great acting, moral quandaries galore and a perfect pair of lead detectives. Next up: Orange is the New Black, Season 2. What about you? Do you prefer movies or TV in the summer, blockbusters or indie flicks?

MOVIE SHOWING: On Monday, June 12, we’ll be showing The Past as part of the Indie Int’l Film Series. Directed by Irani Asghar Farhadi (known for A Separation), it’s about an Iranian man who returns to France to finalize divorce proceedings with his French wife and finds that she’s started a new relationship. 6:30 p.m., Auditorium.

New releases 6-3-14:

RobocopDVD and  Blu-Ray: a remake of  the 1987 action film.
Son of GodDVD and Blu-Ray: the story of Jesus’ life.
The Motel LifeDVD: an indie movie about brotherly love in the Sierra Nevadas.
The Trouble with the TruthDVD:  after his daughter announces that she’s engaged, musican Robert reconsiders his own failed marriage.
Inside Animal MindsDVD: a PBS documentary about the revolutionary science of animal cognition.
Tiny: a Story About Living SmallDVD: a documentary about the trend of people who choose to live in small houses.
The Ringer – Blu-Ray: this Johnny Knoxville silliness has just come out in Blu-Ray.
Pretty Little Liars, Complete 4th SeasonDVD
Falling Skies, Complete 3rd SeasonDVD
True Blood, Complete 6th SeasonDVD

Happy Watching!

~ Dori

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