Not more snow!!!

I refuse to watch the Weather Channel. Ever again.

That said, I have been busy looking at beautiful gardening books and picking out lovely plants I will SOMEDAY be able to plant in my garden WHEN summer arrives. Have a look!

The English Garden by Ursula Buchan


A lovely coffee table book of beautiful photographs of gardens not realistically achievable by the common man. But nice to dream.

Pruning Plant by Plant by DK Publishing


Okay, so I love plants. I just don’t like to actually take care of them. Until it’s out of control, that is. This year WILL be different!

The Gardener’s Guide to Common-Sense Pest Control by William Olkowski


Creepy crawlies are my nemesis. Revenge shall be mine.

The Know Maintenance Perennial Garden by Roy Diblik


As I mentioned earlier, I don’t like to take care of my garden. I just like it to look perfect. Roy promises I can have it all. And I want to believe him.

Plantiful: Start Small, Grow Big with 150 Plants that Spread, Self-Sow, and Overwinter by Kristen Green


How to get more from your existing garden by using seeds and plants that start themselves. Sounds too good to be true, but I’m up for the challenge! Who can resist free plants?

I’m going to stack these books up and block the view out my window tomorrow. If I don’t see the snow, it isn’t really happening, is it?

From one gardener to another!


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