Tuesday at the Movies

imagesI had a very busy weekend, what with knitting, Olympic watching, hiking and socializing, so not a lot of movies were watched. I did catch up on Downton Abbey, so that’s something. In the meantime, I’ll review a movie I saw at the theater a couple months ago and which will be released on DVD in April:

WEEKLY MOVIE REVIEW: The Hobbit: the Desolation of Smaug was pretty awful. I wasn’t super crazy about the first one, but I did like most of it (leaving out the stupid ride in the miner cars through the goblin cave). I love the book and while I think that movies don’t have to follow a book religiously and that they should be seen independently of the book, this adaptation did not capture the book at all nor did it work for me as a work on its own. There was just too much going on with a smattering of romance, a bit of humor, a lot of action and then dark forces at work…and the dialogue – just stilted and awful.  I do love Martin Freeman and I love his Bilbo, but why this mess?

New Releases 2-11-14:

RiddickDVD and Blu-Ray: Vin Diesel is back in this sci-fi action movie.
The CounselorDVD and Blu-Ray: a lawyer gets involved in drug trafficking.
Ender’s GameDVD and Blu-Ray: Based on the book by the same name, this science fiction film is about a young man recruited by the International Military to lead the fight against the Formics, a genocidal alien race.
Grace UnpluggedDVD and Blu-Ray: a movie about a Christian singer who gets her big break and has her faith put to the test.
All is LostDVD and Blu-Ray: Robert Redford puts in an amazing performance as a sailor trying to stay alive after a shipwreck.
AustenlandDVD and Blu-Ray: another one based on a book, this one is about a young woman who pays for a vacation at “Austenland” where she hopes to find her true love.
Killing KennedyDVD: based on Bill O’Reilly’s book about the assassination of JFK
Pussy Riot: a Punk PrayerDVD: a documentary about the Russian group imprisoned for their beliefs.
The Armstrong Lie – DVD: a documentary about Lance Armstrong’s fall from grace.
The Americans, Season 1 DVD: a new TV series about Russian spies who pretend to be an average American couple.
The ReturnedDVD: a French TV series about a small community that is shocked when several local people who are presumed dead suddenly re-appear at their homes.
Sherlock, Season 3DVD: if you haven’t watched Sherlock, yet, do yourself a favor and check it out!

Happy Watching!

~ Dori

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