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Tuesday at the Movies January 29, 2014

Posted by Dori in Movies.

imagesWelcome to the special polar vortex edition of Read it Or Weep. This is the perfect weather to hunker down, eat soup and watch movies, TV, YouTube videos, whatnot and whatever – do some watchin’ people!

WEEKLY MOVIE: I saw American Hustle this weekend and, honestly, was not super impressed. The acting was first-rate, the weirdness fun, and the empathy that director Russell has for his characters made them much more interesting than in typical caper/con-artist fare. But I thought there was too much going on that didn’t make a lot of sense – my husband and I were back and forth about Amy Adams’ British accent and what was with the Bradley Cooper character’s fiancé? I mean it was fun to watch, but Oscar material – not so sure…?

MOVIE SHOWING: Lunch and a Movie features Blue Jasmine – Friday, January 31st at noon in the Auditorium.

New Releases for 1-28-14:

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2Blu-Ray and DVD: a children’s movie about an out of control invention.
The Fifth Estate Blu-Ray and DVD: Benedict Cumberpatch (of Sherlock and Star Trek fame) stars as Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks.
Jackass Presents Bad GrandpaBlu-Ray and DVD: do I really need to describe this?
Last VegasBlu-Ray and DVD: Morgan Freeman, Michael Douglas, Kevin Kline and Robert DeNiro are retirees who are celebrating the impending marriage of one of the gang in Vegas.
Concussion – DVD: a sexually repressed woman has a concussion which leads her to explore her sexuality.
I Used to Be DarkerDVD: a runaway teen moves in with her aunt and uncle, only to find that they are on the verge of divorce.
The African Americans: Many Rivers to Cross – DVD: a PBS documentary about African American history.
Downton Abbey, Season 4 – DVD and Blu-Ray
Treme, the Complete 4th Season – DVD
Vera, Set 3 – DVD

Happy Watching!

~ Dori



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