Tuesday at the Movies

imagesMy New Year’s Read it or Weep Blog Resolutions:

1. Better blogging – my Tuesday at the Movies posts often take a back burner, but I vow no more!
2. Watch more movies – I do read a lot about movies, but don’t always get the time to watch them so I can report on them in the blog –  this year will be different! Maybe offer a weekly movie review…like this:

WEEKLY MOVIE REVIEW: Drinking Buddies – starring Olivia Wilde and Jake Johnson.
This indie movie is an interesting look at 20 something relationships. Set in a Chicago brewery, it’s about the flirtatious relationship between employees Luke and Kate, good friends bordering on something else. I liked the realistic depiction of messy relationships and the lack of resolution.

3. Advertise more – we offer two movie series here at the library: the Indie Int’l Film Series and the Lunch and a Movie film series of popular new releases – I’m going to be a bit better at updating you on what films we’ll be showing…
Speaking which, just yesterday we screened Key of Life, a Japanese comedy about switched identities. Also, we will be showing Blue Jasmine with the incredible Cate Blanchett on Friday, January 31st at noon in the auditorium. If you want you can bring a bag lunch or just share some popcorn and enjoy Woody’s latest.

Onto this week’s new releases:

Lee Daniels’ the ButlerDVD and Blu-Ray: Forest Whitaker stars as a butler who worked for numerous presidents and the changes that he encounters within his family and the broader culture.
Kick Ass 2DVD and Blu-Ray: a sequel that was panned.
Short Term 12 DVD and Blu-Ray: the story of a young counselor at a foster care facility for teenagers.
CarrieDVD and Blu-Ray: a remake of the original.
Fruitvale StationDVD and Blu-Ray: story of a young African-American Bay area resident on the last day of his life – lots of rave reviews.
20 Feet from Stardom DVD and Blu-Ray: a documentary about back-up singers – also well-reviewed.
The Spectacular Now DVD and Blu-Ray: based on a teen book, a story of teen romance and coming of age.
You’re Next DVD and Blu-Ray: horror-comedy.
Enough Said DVD and Blu-Ray: Julie Louis Dreyfus and James Gandolfini star in this adult relationship movie – can’t wait to see this one.
Our Nixon DVD: never before seen Super 8 home movies filmed by Nixon’s closest aides.

Happy Watching!


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