Have you tried Indieflix yet?

Ever have that annoying 5 or 10 minutes when you’re waiting for someone or waiting somewhere, maybe for your plane to arrive at the airport, or waiting for a friend at the coffee shop, and you’re sick of surfing the internet for something free and interesting?  Well, I have the perfect solution for you, just hop over to rrpl.org and sign up for our free independent streaming movie service, Indieflix.  Have your RRPL library card and your email handy.  Once signed up, you can search for movies that are as short as 1 minute, or as long as a full length feature.  If you are looking for scary movies for your Halloween fix, just use the “Channel” option and take a look at the offerings under the “Horror” or “Zombie” channels.  If safe and simple is more your speed, begin with a quirky short called “Signs.”  The 11 minute Australian Romance is liked by 92% of viewers, see if you agree. It was one of the first shorts that I watched on there and I’m still impressed by its simplicity.   Happy streaming!


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