Tuesday at the Movies

Just a quick noimageste to wrap up the end of the summer. Not a lot of movie watching, but I did watch a couple of old classics that my daughter had to watch for school – East of Eden with James Dean and The Graduate, both of which were great. One thing I have been watching, a little addictively, is Orange is the New Black on Netflix. Based on a memoir of the same name, (which is here at RRPL if you want to check it out), it’s about an upper class woman serving time in prison. The series is directed by Jenji Kohan, who also directed Weeds, and it’s fascinating, funny and sad and shocking and I can’t stop watching it. Netflix is really attracting some great TV shows – this one, along with House of Cards and a new Arrested Development season. But enough about me; onto the new DVD and Blu-Ray releases:

August 20th:

Scary Movie 5 – Blu-Ray and DVD: the latest  in the parody of horror movies franchise.
AmourBlu-Ray and DVD: nominated for an Academy Award, this is a touching film about an elderly couple who must deal with the physical and emotional challenges of old age. In French.
EpicDVD: an animated film about a teenage girl who’s transported into a secret universe where she joins with a team of  fun and whimsical characters in order to save their world, and also ours.
Killing SeasonDVD: Robert DeNiro stars as Ford, an American veteran of the Bosnian war who retreats to a cabin to escape painful memories while John Travolta stars as Kovac, a Serbian veteran of the same war who hunts Ford down in the wilderness to settle an old score.
Post Tenebras Lux DVD: this movie follows an upscale Mexican family whose move to the countryside in search of an ideal life results in domestic crisis and class friction.  In English, French and Spanish.
The Life of Muhammad Blu-Ray and DVD: a PBS documentary that retraces the footsteps of the Prophet from his beginnings in Mecca through to his death and his legacy.
Manhunt – Boston Bombers DVD: Part of the NOVA series, this documentary how investigators traced the Boston bombing suspects.
Being Human, Season 5DVD
Boardwalk Empire – Complete Third Season Blu-Ray and DVD
Revenge – The Complete Second Season DVD
The Good Wife, the Fourth Season DVD
Mike & Molly – Complete 3rd Season DVD

August 27:

Kon-Tiki Blu-Ray and DVD: a Norwegian film about Thor Heyerdahl’s trip across the Pacific in a balsa raft.
The Great Gatsby Blu-Ray and DVD:
Pain & Gain Blu-Ray and DVD: What will they think of next? Personal trainers who get caught up in a criminal enterprise? Really? Stars “The Rock” (of course) and Mark Wahlberg. Oh, it’s Michael Bey movie – that explains it.
Reluctant Fundamentalist DVD: Based on the book, this film is about American academic in Pakistan who is kidnapped by anti-American radicals, and the CIA who thinks he’s involved. But as he tells his story,  the truth becomes harder to pin down.
NFL Greatest Games: 1987 AFC Championship DVD: this is for those of you who really want to revisit this game between the Browns and the Broncos and maybe shed more tears over ‘The Fumble.’ Poor Ernest Byner.
Grey’s Anatomy – Season 9 DVD
Elementary – the First SeasonDVD
Walking Dead – Season 3DVD
Sons of Anarchy – Season 5DVD

Happy Watching!

~ Dori

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