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I love how unexpected this list is! According to Forbes Magazine, these are the sixteen top selling authors of the the past calendar year -and I would not have guessed that Nora Roberts and J.K. Rowling would have been below Jeff Kinney or Janet Evanovich!

E.L. James ($95 million)
James Patterson ($91 million)
Suzanne Collins ($55 million)
Bill O’Reilly ($28 million)
Danielle Steel ($26 million)
Jeff Kinney ($24 million)
Janet Evanovich ($24 million)
Nora Roberts ($23 million)
Dan Brown ($22 million)
Stephen King ($20 million)
Dean Koontz ($20 million)
John Grisham ($18 million)
David Baldacci ($15 million)
Rick Riordan ($14 million)
J.K. Rowling ($13 million)
George R.R. Martin ($12 million)

What do you think? Are you as surprised as I am? And now, as long as your mouth is hanging open… Would you like to see what you missed at the End of Adult Summer Reading Program Celebration last Wednesday?

CameraAwesomePhotoYep! It was delicious! And we gave out one final basket:Final Epic Prize!Yep! It was delightful!

And we hope to see everyone again, next summer, for even more delicious and delightful fun!

— Stacey

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