Tuesday at the Movies

movieI had a pet emergency two weeks ago and then last week the library had an emergency closing , so I’m coming to you 2 weeks late with a triple dose of new movie releases. And….drum roll please….I have fulfilled my promise of watching more movies! First off, I was anxiously awaiting the movie No, a Chilean movie that was nominated for the Best Foreign Film Oscar. Why? Well, I do have a bit of a crush on star Gael Garcia Bernal. Also, I’ve got an interest in Latin American political history, and No is about an ad campaign created by opponents of Augusto Pinochet, a Chilean dictator responsible for the torture and deaths of many Chileans. And I was not disappointed – it’s was a fascinating way to look at the situation. Not Fade Away, on the other hand, was one I wanted to like, but wasn’t enthralled by. The directorial debut of David Chase (creator of the Sopranos), it’s about a group of young men who dream of becoming rock and rolls stars in the 1960s, but aren’t good or persistent enough to get there. The affection Chase has for the music of the era and for his characters was obvious, but it was a bit predictable and clichéd. I also saw a Spanish film, Extraterrestrial, a romance set during an alien invasion – which was weird, Warm Bodies, a romance about a zombie turning back into a human,  which was clever, and Mama, a horror movie, which was….creepy! (especially the younger daughter – whoa!)

Onto new DVD and Blu-Ray Releases:

Spring BreakersDVD and Blu-Ray – Four college girls who just want to have fun on their spring break trip to Florida are taken under the wing of a drug dealer.  Starring James Franco.
Dead Man DownDVD and Blu-Ray – more criminals in the form of a gangster who’s looking for revenge who befriends a woman seeking her own revenge. Colin Farrell and Noomi Rapace star.
Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor – DVD and Blu-Ray: a Tyler Perry movie about a woman tempted into a relationship that is not with her husband.
Evil DeadDVD and Blu-Ray: 20 somethings, in a cabin, with demons. ‘Nuf said.
42DVD and Blu-Ray: Jackie Robinson and the Brooklyn Dodgers.
Bullet to the Head DVD and Blu-Ray: Sly Stallone action movie.
TranceDVD and Blu-Ray: a trippy Danny Boyle thriller about an art heist, memory loss and seduction, of course. Starring James McAvoy.
Welcome to the PunchDVD: another James McAvoy movie, this time a police drama.
My Best EnemyDVD: a German thriller about two men, Victor, the son of a wealthy Jewish art dealer, and Rudi, the servant’s son. They were best friends until all is upended during WWII and the Nazis, seeking a drawing by Michelangelo, need help to find it from Victor’s family.
GracelandDVD: a film from the Phillipines that is part hostage thriller and family drama.
Women Who KillDVD: Top comediennes and four close friends Amy Schumer, Rachel Feinstein, Nikki Glaser and Marina Franklin come together in New York City for a night of stand-up comedy.
The GatekeepersDVD and Blu-Ray: a documentary interviewing all surviving former heads of Shin Bet, the Israeli security agency whose activities and membership are closely held state secrets.
The Definitive Guide to the MobDVD: a two hour look at all aspects of organized crime in the United States.
Bidder 70DVD: a documentary about an act of civil disobedience: a college student bids on pristine land that was to be given to the energy and mining industries by George Bush without the money to pay for it, is sentenced to prison, and ignites a climate justice movement.
Warehouse 13, Season 4DVD
How the States Got Their Shape – Season 2 DVD
Orphan Black, Season 1DVD and Blu-Ray
Endeavour Series 1DVD and Blu-Ray
Damages, the Complete 5th SeasonDVD

Happy Watching!

~ Dori

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