At the Beach with David Sedaris

Well the wait is over. I rose to the top of our library’s hold list and am heading for the beach with David’s newest book, Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls.

Normally when I get a book of essays, I read the title essay first, then the first and last essays if they are not that, because I assume every entertainer/author wants to start and end with their best stuff. But in perusing this book, “Easy, Tiger” stopped me. (Maybe it was the “,”?) Anyhow, David finds himself about to land in Beijing without knowing a word of Mandarin. He shares his experiences with learning other languages for those big trips and they’re something most of us can relate to. So funny, I laughed myself into a coughing fit. Others I enjoyed include: “Day In, Day Out,” “Standing By,” and “Standing Still.” David seems to always offer up that perfect blend of shock and sweet. I still haven’t read the first or last essays (guess I’m saving the best for last) or the title essay, because there is none. Of course. However, the closest I found to one was “Understanding Understanding Owls.” (No, that’s not an error.) Don’t miss it!

~ Chris

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