Tuesday at the Movies

movieI’ve watched a few movies this week – it’s summer after all and the kids stay up late, so that makes me want to stay up as well. I re-watched Zombieland, a family favorite, and caught a new one, Peace, Love and Misunderstanding,  with Jane Fonda as a hippie grandma – not a great movie, full of clichés and very simplistic. The saving grace was the acting ability of the youngest Olsen sister Elizabeth – her breakout role was Martha Marcy May Marlene about a young woman who escapes from a cult. I think that I will vow that I will try to be a better movie watcher, so I can chat about them on this here blog – (um…notice the hesitancy) – we’ll see next Tuesday if I’ve stepped it up!

A quick note: join us this Friday at noon for our Lunch and a Movie program to watch Oz: The Great and Powerful in our Auditorium – there’ll be popcorn and lemonade!

Onto new DVD and Blu-Ray releases this week:

The Call Blu-Ray and DVD: Halle Berry is a 911 operator who takes a call from an abducted girl.
NoBlu-Ray and DVD: a Chilean film about the advertising campaign that helped take down the dictator Pinochet.
Phantom – Blu-Ray and DVD: a captain of a Soviet submarine leads a covert mission. With Ed Harris.
Incredible Burt WonderstoneBlu-Ray and DVD: Jim Carrey and Steve Carrell star in this comedy about how a magical duo tries to reinvent their careers.
Upside Down – DVD: a visually stunning science fiction romantic adventure.
Australia’s First 4 Billion Years – DVD: a PBS NOVA special about the evolution of Australia.
A Place at the Table – DVD: presents the truth about hunger in America.
Inspector Lewis, Series 6 – DVD

Happy Watching!


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