Making reading a part of your summer

Baseball, swimming, kayaking, camp, fishing, mini-golf, gardening, eating ice cream, flying a kite, hiking, biking, golfing, walking the dog, taking a vacation…so many things going on in the summer! How in the world do you incorporate the time to read a few good books? Well…

You COULD read the old-fashioned way…pick up a book! (psst…I’m doing this now: And the Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini). Reading, old-school style!

You COULD listen to an audiobook on CD  – great for getting the “reading” in while doing chores (boo-hiss!) or driving to a fabulous vacation destination (hip, hip, hooray!)  Multi-tasking…love it!

You COULD listen to a Playaway (self-contained digital audiobook) – no need to download and totally portable!

You COULD read e-books on your e-reader, tablet or smartphone using RRPL’s Overdrive digital book collection – great for the pool, hotel, or beach! Convenient! No need to lug a pile of books!

So, as you can see, there are actually many easy ways to slip a good book into your busy summertime routine.

No more excuses! Now let’s get reading, people!


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