Tuesday at the Movies

A quick look at timageshe DVD and Blu-Rays released this week, June 18th:

Side EffectsDVD and Blu-Ray: a young woman is prescribed a new medication by her psychiatrist resulting in some serious, (ahem…murderous) side effects. Starring Jude Law, Channing Tatum and Rooney Mara.
QuartetDVD and Blu-Ray: Dustin Hoffman directed this movie set in a home for retired musicians where three members of a former quartet await the arrival of the newest resident, Jean, whose inflated ego had caused the quartet to break up.
The Last Exorcism, Part II DVD and Blu-Ray: a new exorcism movie –
StokerDVD and Blu-Ray: After India Stoker’s father dies and her mysterious Uncle Charlie moves in, India becomes both charmed by and suspicious of this man who she had never met. Stars Mia Wasikowska, Nicole Kidman and Matthew Goode.
Jack the Giant Slayer DVD and Blu-Ray: an adventure set in a fairytale world where there are wars between humans and giants, a princess and a hero. Stars Ewan McGregor.
21 & Over DVD and Blu-Ray: The night before his medical school interview, Jeff Chang gets a visit from his friends who take him out for a night on the town. Will he get to his appointment or be too hungover? I don’t know that I’ll ever know the answer.
Movie 43 DVD and Blu-Ray: a screwball gross-out comedy with multiple intertwining stories starring lots of famous movie stars but with really bad reviews. Intriguing or not so?
Safety Last!DVD: a 1923 Harold Lloyd silent film recently released by Criterion. Includes the famous hanging by the hands of a clock scene.
Defiant Requiem DVD: a documentary about a performance at the Terezin Concentration Camp by the many musicians, poets and writers imprisoned there. They re-imagined a Catholic liturgical work, Verdi’s Requiem, as a condemnation of the Nazis and performed for the Nazi brass.
Call the Midwife, Season 2DVD: who can resist watching more of the midwives? Great series.
Body of Proof, The Complete 3rd Season DVD

Happy Watching!

~ Dori

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