The Perfect Pairing-A Book and a Beverage

One of my favorite ways to enjoy a book is to steal away to the local coffee shop and tuck into a vanilla latte. With an extra shot of espresso. Now that the warm weather has finally arrived, it is time to move out to a patio or porch with a cool, refreshing beverage. Sounds relaxing, right? Need some inspiration? Here are some perfect warm-weather reads, paired with the perfect drink.

saving ceecee honeycutt long_island_iced_tea

Saving CeeCee Honeycutt by Beth Hoffman is a sweet coming-of-age story set in Savannah during the 1960’s.  This charming book filled with loveable and eccentric characters should be enjoyed with a tall glass of sweet tea (though the ladies of the story often indulged in a Long Island Iced Tea).

garden spells HardCiderIsIn

Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen is a perfect spring read! It’s full of gorgeous gardens, divine food, and a hint of magic and romance. Pair this one with a crisp, cold apple cider. The old tree in Claire’s yard would approve.

ready player one tab

Maybe you prefer a retro read? Children of the 80’s will love all of the pop-culture references in Ernest Cline’s Ready Player OneI suggest that you pop open an iced-cold Tab and dive into virtual world of the OASIS.

112263 lemonade2

This may seem like an unusual pairing, but I guarantee that you’ll enjoy an icy, tart lemonade with Stephen King’s 11/22/63. This giant tome this is a perfect pick for a lazy warm day. You will surely lose track of time once you start reading this suspenseful tale of history and time travel. A lemonade is just the thing to keep you perfectly refreshed.

All this talk of warm weather reading and tasty beverages has me thinking about my weekend reading plans. I think this is what I want my Saturday morning to look like:

game latte

Game by Barry Lyga is the sequel to I Hunt Killers. Of course my beverage of choice will most likely be an iced latte. I am excited to spend some time during day light hours with this super creepy serial killer book. You’ll find both of these titles in the Teen section of the library, but if you like Dexter you will definitely enjoy reading about the son of a notorious serial killer.

Happy Reading!


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