Food Glorious Food

We here at Read It Or Weep are a little obsessed with food, by which I mean we talk about it almost daily: what we’re eating for lunch, dinner, what we plan to make, what we should make, good restaurants, etc. We are a mixed lot – a vegetarian, a few carnivores, one baker, a lot of cooks, and many adventurous eaters, but we do all enjoy the art and science (and essentially the consumption) of food.

With Spring approaching (is it? I wonder…) our thoughts are turning to what to grow, signing up for a local CSA or stocking up at local farmer’s markets. With so many fresh and local ingredients available, the eating possibilities are endlessly discussable!

Here are a few cookbooks that I’ve heard mention of – most new, one old reliable, all here at your local library:

inaIna Garten’s Barefoot Contessa Back to Basics with a particular recommendation for the Pomegranate Martinis.

In the Kitchen with Cleveland’s Chefs – a new book by local author Maria Isabella who collected recipes from our hometown chefs.

Bouchon Bakery by Thomas Keller. Our resident baker would love to spend some time with her mixer and lots of butter to try out these recipes.

Meatless: More Than 200 of the Very Best Vegetarian Recipes, a new vegetarian cookbook from themeatless  folks at Martha Stewart Living. If you glance at this one, you’ll want to add more vegetarian meals to your repetoire.

Real Snacks: Make Your Favorite Childhood Treats Without All the Junk by Lara Ferroni. Doesn’t this sound like fun?

jerusalemJerusalem by Yotam Ottolenghi. This one has recipes from the Jewish, Christian and Muslim cultures of Jerusalem. I tried the Shakshuka, eggs cooked with a tomato, pepper spicy mix and it was delish!

Go forth and eat – oh and check out the great collection of cookbooks here at RRPL!

~ Dori

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