Tuesday at the Movies

movieLast night I had a great crowd to share in viewing the movie The Dynamiter, part of the Film Movement series, and one of the films in our Indie Int’l Film Series on the second Monday night of the month (come join us, it’s always free as well as enlightening!). The first feature film directed by Matthew Gordon, it was about Robbie, a 14-year-old boy from rural Alabama who lives with his grandmother and his young half-brother Fess. As school lets out for the summer, Robbie is caught stealing at school and is assigned a summer essay by the principal. As he narrates his essay, we learn about his life and struggles, and experience the summer that he changes from a boy to a man. I really enjoyed it; it was slow burning, subtle and it really captured the location and the poverty of the boys’ lives. You can put it on hold here.

Now onto today’s DVD releases:

Man with the Iron FistsDVD and Blu-Ray: Russell Crowe stars in this adventure film set in feudal China, where a band of warriors, assassins, and a rogue British soldier are on the hunt for a fabled treasure of gold.
Silent Hill: RevelationDVD and Blu-Ray: a sequel to the horror film Silent Hill.
Playing for KeepsDVD and Blu-Ray: Gerard Butler stars in this romantic comedy about a former sports star who starts coaching his son’s soccer team and is pursued by attractive soccer moms.
Rise of the GuardiansDVD and Blu-Ray: An animated family film about the Immortal Guardians, who team up to vanquish the evil spirit Pitch after he launches an assault on Earth.
Life of PiDVD and Blu-Ray: Ang Lee won the Best Director Oscar for this film about a young man, who, surviving a devastating shipwreck, finds himself stranded on a lifeboat with a ferocious tiger.
Cirque de Soleil: World’s AwayDVD and Blu-Ray: The legendary performers leap, fly, swim and dance their way through this film about a young couple on a ‘magical journey’ worlds away and beyond imagination
A Previous Engagement: When librarian Julia Reynolds talks her husband into a family vacation in Malta she has a secret agenda: a date made twenty-five years earlier with her first love.
This Must Be the Place: Sean Penn stars as Cheyenne, a retired rock star who returns to New York City to find his father’s nemesis – an ex-Nazi living in the U.S.. Strange concept, but worth it to see Penn rock a punk rocker head of hair and makeup.
SmashedDVD and Blu-Ray: Winner of many accolades, this indie film is about a married couple who get their relationship put to the test when the wife decides to get sober.
The Hunt for Bin Laden: a PBS documentary about the real life search for Bin Laden. Maybe watch it after you watch Zero Dark Thirty? Compare/contrast?
Secrets of Highclere Castle:
Missing the gang at Downton Abbey? Visit the site where the series is filmed!

Happy Watching!

~ Dori

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