March Madness?

March Madness is usually equated with the NCAA finals, but I’m feeling like it just about sums up my state of mind these days. Madness over politics and the endless talk of the “sequester” combined with the never ending snow and cold are making me a little stir crazy.

To get out of my rut, I’ve chosen to begin to dream of spring…and gardens….and getting outdoors – fantasizing about building a lovely pergola out back…oh my, I am so itchy for a little warmth and sunshine.

If you feel as I do, perhaps gazing at a few books will get you out of your funk.

I turn to these titles when I want to obsess about what other perennials to add to my garden or where to move existing perennials.



And these I like to peruse to get inspired to create an ideal yard, though I’ve lived in my house for 17 years and have yet to achieve it. It’s fun to dream about, though!



Happy Spring!

~ Dori

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