Paul Harvey

Paul Harvey

paul harvey

 A Quintessential American Radio Commentator

September 4, 1918 – February 28, 2009

I was again reminded of the amazing talent of Paul Harvey during a NFL Super Bowl XLVII commercial a few weeks ago. In 1978, Mr. Havey gave a “So God Made a Farmer”  speech at the National Future Farmers of America Convention. At this year’s Super Bowl part of that speech was included in the Dodge Ram’s commercial. ( Paul Harvey Jr. suggested that “it appears Dad has been eager to return to the microphone”.

I always looked forward to Paul Harvey’s nationally syndicated radio news program that began with “Hello, America. This is Paul Harvey. Stand by … for news.” In addition to news, “The Rest of the Story” was another staple of his broadcasts. Each amusing story had a unique twist. The following books are available at RRPL: Paul Harvey For What it’s Worth, Paul Harvey’s the Rest of the Story, and More of Paul Harvey’s the Rest of the Story.




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