Tuesday at the Movies

Downton’s in the house! Yes – the third season of Downton Abbey is available today, so if you haven’t been glued to your TV on Sunday nights this January (oooh, can you believe what happened last Sunday?), you can put yourself on hold here at the library.

Here are the rest of the January 29th releases. Note: I’m listing Blu-Rays as well for all those interested. If Blu-Ray isn’t listed, the item is only available on DVD.

The Cold Light of Day – DVD and Blu-Ray: an action thriller with a kidnapping, a mysterious briefcase and Bruce Willis!
Seven Psycopaths – DVD and Blu-Ray: a screenwriter becomes entangled with a Los Angeles gangster when his friends kidnap the gangster’s dog.
Hotel Transylvania – DVD and Blu-Ray: an animated family film about a hotel run by Dracula, Dracula’s daughter’s birthday celebration and the human who stumbles into the party.
Paranormal Activity 4 – DVD and Blu-Ray: the ghostly series continues….
Hello I Must Be Going: Amy, a recently divorced woman, returns home to live with her parents and begins an affair with 19 year old Jeremy.
Downton Abbey, Season 3: DVD and Blu-Ray

Happy Watching!

~ Dori


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