Top 12 Reads of My 2012!

Here’s my rather eclectic list of the best books that I read in 2012. Some are newer, some are older, but all are well worth reading!


Moneyball, by Michael Lewis
The Big Year: A Tale of Man, Nature, and Fowl Obsession, by Mark Obmascik
When I Stop Talking, You’ll Know I’m Dead: Useful Stories from a Persuasive Man, by Jerry Weintraub and Rich Cohen
Last Call: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition, by Daniel Okrent
The Sociopath Next Door, by Martha Stout
The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind: Creating Currents of Electricity and Hope, by William Kamkwamba and Bryan Mealer
Moonwalking with Einstein: The Art and Science of Remembering Everything, by Joshua Foer


Before I Go to Sleep: A Novel, by S.J. Watson
Tonight I Said Goodbye, by Michael Koryta
A Scanner Darkly, by Philip K. Dick

Graphic Novels

Fables: Legends in Exile, by Bill Willingham
American Vampire Vol. 1, by Scott Snyder  and Stephen King, and  Rafael Albuquereque (Illustrator)



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