New Author Alert

Julia Keller is best known for her career as a journalist with the Chicago Tribune. Her writing is so exceptional that she won a Pulitzer Prize for one of her articles. Now she has tried her hand at writing a mystery, and A Killing in the Hills is exceptional as well. The mystery features Bell Elkins, the prosecuting attorney for Raythune County, West Virginia. Bell is a native of Acker’s Gap in West Virginia and hides a world of hurt behind her serious, professional exterior.

One Saturday morning, three older men were shot dead while eating breakfast in the Acker’s Gap diner. Bell’s high school age daughter, Carla, was the only person to recognize the killer in all the confusion. Carla is shaken and devastated from witnessing the killings, but she tells no one of her knowledge. Her secret leads her into incredible danger. Julia Keller has written a mystery that packs a huge emotional punch and the tense and frightening ending is absolutely perfect.




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