Latest Additions -special charitable giving edition

Well. Now that most of us are happily on the other side of Superstorm  Sandy, I can honestly say, “I had no idea.” Did you? I mean really. Living in Cleveland, who could have guessed that a hurricane would reach this far and do so much damage? But how lucky we were in comparison to the many living in cities and towns along the  East Coast. So I’m thinking today, I’m going to share links to the American Red Cross, The Salvation Army, Best Friends Animal Society, The Humane Society of the United States, or ASCPA if you’d like to make a donation in the relief effort. Each of these groups is providing a way to donate specifically to assisting in the wake of the storm -so you’ll want to make sure you choose that link- or you might just want to offer general support to one of these organizations. But it never hurts to be an informed giver! Check out Charity Navigator and/or GuideStar to research any or all of these non-profit groups so you can be assured your money is being used wisely.

In the meantime? Stop in and let us know how you’re doing… Okay? Okay!

— Stacey

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