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Latest Addtions -Special Edition! October 1, 2012

Posted by stacey in Fiction, Non-Fiction, Thoughtful Ramblings.

Yesterday was the first day of Banned Books Week 2012! (Or as I stubbornly continue to call it, “Freedom to Read Week!”) This is one of those times that both love and hate to share specific titles with people. It seems so unkind to point out books that have been -or are being- persecuted by people too small minded to let others read whatever they like, without judgement. Why can’t I make my own choices? Why should your opinion be the only that matters? Nope. I don’t like it. So today I’d like to give a tender, loving shout out to books that have been picked on in the past with a list -or two- for you to check out.

Challenged Classics
Frequently Challenged Books of the 21st Century
Frequently Challenged Authors of the 21st Century
50 State Salute Videos and be sure to check out Ohio’s Videos!

And if that’s not enough? We’re giving you the chance to win a Barnes and Noble Nook®! Just stop in at the Reference Desk, share the title of a book you would fight to save, and your name might randomly drawn! Then we’d love to encourage to fill that Nook® -with banned or challenged books!

We’ll see you soon then…

— Stacey



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