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Tuesday at the Movies…the Delayed Edition September 7, 2012

Posted by Dori in Movies.

Ahhh – the end of summer – school returns, the air becomes chillier and there is more time for watching movies and catching up with a TV series before the new one starts (though you better get a move on). I’ve got a little catching up of my own to do as I neglected the month of August completely. Here, then, are the past month’s DVD releases at the library:

August  7:
The Lorax: children’s movie based on the Dr. Seuss book.
Jesse Stone: Benefit of the Doubt: another in a series based on the Robert B. Parker books with Tom Selleck in the lead.
Bel Ami: Robert Pattison fans will like this one – a period piece about turn of the century Paris.
Girlfriend: an indie audience favorite from the Toronto Film Festival about the relationship of a young man with Down’s Syndrome and a single mother.
Marley: a documentary about the famous reggae singer.

August 14:
Raid: the Redemption: an Indonesian action film about a SWAT team who take over a crime infested apartment block.
Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory: the final piece of a trilogy about the arrest and imprisonment of 3 Arkansas boys accused of murder 20 years ago and the DNA results that may prove their innocence.
Inventing Our Life: the Kibbutz Experiment: a documentary about the past and future of the kibbutz movement in Israel.
Glee: the Complete 3rd Season: more singing, dancing and teen identity crises!

Special August 18th release!
The Hunger Games: I know most of you don’t need me to tell you about this movie, but in the interests of inclusion, here it is!

August 21:
A Separation: this Iranian film won the Oscar for Foreign Language film.
Disney Nature – Chimpanzee: a documentary about an orphan chimpanzee who is adopted by the alpha male of his group.
Bernie: Jack Black stars in this black comedy about an assistant funeral director who is accused of murder.
The Dictator: Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest about a fictional dictator who comes to New York.
Freelancers: a cop movie starring Forest Whitaker, Robert DeNiro and 50 Cent.
Bonsai: a romantic comedy from Chile about a writer who gets involved with an old flame.
Revenge: the Complete 1st Season
Mike & Molly: the Complete 2nd Season
Closer: the Complete 7th Season

August 28:
Monsieur Lazhar: a Canadian award winner about an Algerian immigrant who becomes a teacher in a public grade school.
Battleship: an action packed movie based on the well-know board game.
Pirates: the Band of Misfits: a children’s animated film with some surprisingly good reviews. Argh!
Think Like a Man: a romantic comedy based on a Steve Harvey relationship book.
Darling Companion: Stars Diane Keaton, Kevin Kline and a super cute dog – what’s not to like?
Nate & Margaret: an indie film about the friendship between a film student and a middle aged woman who wants to be a stand-up comedian.
Headhunters: a man who works as a headhunter by day and an art thief by night decides to steal a valuable painting; what he discovers makes him a hunted man. Oh yeah and it’s in Norwegian…and based on a book by Jo Nesbo.
The Barnes Collection: a PBS special about Dr. Albert Barnes, an avid art collector who travelled the world collecting paintings that are now housed in a new Philadelphia museum.
The Walking Dead, Season 2: more zombies.
Two and a Half Men, the Complete 9th Season
Boardwalk Empire, the Complete 2nd Season
Son of Anarchy, Season 4
Homeland, the Complete 1st Season: I watched this one last season on Showtime and it was mysterious, surprising, and beautifully acted; it’s been nominated for multiple Emmys.

September 4th:
Five Year Engagement: a rom-com starring Emily Blunt and Jason Segel.
Woman Thou Art Loosed: On the 7th Day: Blair Underwood stars in a story about a married couple whose daughter is kidnapped.
Safe: Jason Statham is a former NYC detective who’s hired to rescue a young Chinese math prodigy who’s being pursued because of a safe combination she’s memorized. Whew!
Ballplayer: Pelotero: a documentary about the recruitment of baseball players in the Dominican Republic.
The Office, Season 8: a so-so season; hope this year’s is better.
Fringe, the Complete 4th Season: the second last season; makes me excited for the finale!
The Good Wife, the 3rd Season

Happy Watching!

~ Dori



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