At Home with Edith Wharton

Twenty years ago when I attempted to visit the Mount, Edith Wharton’s country home in Lenox, Massachusetts, it was going through a major renovation, so I was only able to walk around the grounds and admire the exterior. You can imagine how happy I was to see that Vogue’s big, fat September fashion issue features an 18-page spread of the Mount and surrounding areas. Don’t miss it. You’ll see models posing as Wharton, Henry James and Morton Fullerton in this luxurious setting, doing what the creatives did back then—write in bed every morning with their little dogs by their side (that always tickled me), gather in heavily draped drawing rooms, enjoy a secluded picnic, etc.  Of course, photographer Annie Leibovitz captures the beauty of the era like no other. I’m inspired; I’m off to reread The Age of Innocence.


~ Chris

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